Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kids and Birds

Kids and parrots enjoying bright sunny Sunday morning.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amazing Clouds

An evening shot taken from backyard of the house.

Live Drawing by BFA Student

Class-work Live Drawing by younger daughter who is
graduating in Graphic Designing. Got 9/10 marks.

Intimate Embrace

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fine Art Photography - Solitude

Abandoned to expire!

Fine Art Photography - Still Life

Fine Art Photography - Wishful Vision

Car Porch of My Rented House.


Fine Art Photography - Reflections

Reflections  . . . .  Ahhh . . . .  Reflections.

Fine Art Photography - Dance in Deep Trance

Nature's Fine Art

Fine Art Photography - Jilani Park

Amazing view a little after sunset in Jilani Park

Fine Art Photography - Dance in Deep Trance

Home Grown Alo Vera.

Fine Art Photography - Reflections

Reflections render amazing views.

Fine Art Photography - Reflections

Reflections are always amazing.

Fine Art Photography - Resisting Lights

Tea Pot

Fine Art Photography - Joining Tree-Mates

Last gathering before sunset.

Fine Art Photography - Joining Tree-Mates

Last gathering before sunset.

Fine Art Photography - Lonely Bulb

Fighting Darkness Alone.

Joy of Freedom

Underprivileged children sharing a laughter after
a summer swim in the canal in the month of July.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alexanders of Cricket!

Going to conquer a non-existent world.
A large number of Pakistani youth is victim of crickomania (ha ha . . . it means craze for cricket and you will not find it in any dictionary!).  They spend the whole Sundays and other holidays (some even spend the whole Saturday nights) in pursuing dreams, of becoming national players, that never come true.  Millions of Rupees and hundreds of thousands of hours are wasted for no financial gains or improvement in their characters and personalities.

Individuality - A perfect example

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sandwiched Between Giants

They overtook me fast, on Ravi Road, and I had to speed up to
capture this little cute baby sandwiched between giants indeed.

Me Too Here, Sir !

The young secondhand stuffed-toys seller wanted to be seen
with his temporary companions who may depart him any time.

The Mall Road Pegeons

Feeding on ground and flying in the space between National
College of Arts and Punjab University, Old Campus, they
 certainly add grace to Lahore's beautiful lively atmosphere.

Sunday Books Mania

Books are scattered everywhere. On the sidewalk in the backdrop
of reconditioned tires, the historical Pak Tea House, closed shops
and other businesses in New Anarkali and outside on the service road,
 parallel to Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam (The Mall Road).

You just have to have a taste, a demand, a requirement, a topic and
there would be more books than your imagination, even some in
excellent conditions and look like new ones.

Anarkali Food(?) Street - The Other Side

A larger part of Anarkali Food Street is occupied by shops
offering garments, watches, mobile phones etc. The true
concept of a Food Street is clearly missing.  Yet, one can find
culinary variety to satiate hunger for spicy Lahori recipes in 

the opposite side of the street. 

Creative Folk Touch

Exquisitely beautiful and creative mirror hangers at Chauburji Chowk.

Cricket in Hockey Ground

Punjab University's hockey ground is freely being spoiled by
cricket players.  A number of international hockey matches
have been played here about three decades ago.

Some iron rods have also been removed from the boundary
grill of the ground to use it as a walk through entrance.  

Business Strategy

Ice-Cream (Qulfi) Vendor adopts change
in business by offering eggs for winter

Footpath Encroachments- 001

Best way to take advantage of footpath. Hell with side-walkers!

Must be investigated about the size of
butter-bar that greases the palms of LDA
(Lahore Development Authority) officials.