Friday, March 18, 2011

Lahore Fort - Lonely Wandering - 12-03-11

Monday, March 14, 2011

Street Art Competition - SAC - 2011

The Message Welfare Trust is organizing Street Art Competition SAC - 2011 graciously sponsored by Master Paints (last year it was sponsored by Nippon Paints), like last year, engaging mostly students but also other citizens to beautify the city by painting available walls in different areas of Lahore.  Six members of my family actively participated in it just for fun and to promote the Cause conceptualized by MWT.

The following photos are of the walls painted in the vicinity of Faisal Town.  I missed some walls due to unawareness of their location, will add tomorrow.

Nephew Hamza in deep thoughts!

A cousin of daughter's class fellow

A cousin of daughter's class fellow

Final look of the wall No.26

Work of other teams


The visiting team of Master Paints appreciating and encouraging SAC participants.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pakistani-New Yorker Artist

The artist stands by a beautiful painting of her mother.

This is Tehseen Ali Khan who lives and works in New York City.  An exhibition of her paintings is being held at Alhamra Art Gallery from 8 March to 16 March. 

Personally, I have seen such a beautiful and captivating work of portrait and landscape paintings after a long time (though I missed some exhibitions during 2010).

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

THE solo show of Tahseen Ali Khan’s paintings on the International Women’s Day brought many elite at the Al Hamra Art Gallery, The Mall.

The exhibition was organised by the Lahore Arts Council. Tanya Sohail, a known artist in the country as well as abroad, was the curator.

The paintings of Tahseen Ali Khan offer that rarest of treats, an eye that is both intelligent and sensual, touch that is both sure and delicate, and a sensibility that is very much alive to both the pleasures and challenges of this world. Tahseen has experimented with every category of painting, may it be a landscape or a seascape, a brilliant depiction of still life, every painting has its own artistic significance in the strict terms of this particular genre of fine arts. 

The portraits executed by Tahseen are perhaps the most dominating and most powerful means of expressing her skills. The show attracted many admirers and received a lot of appreciation from the art world as well as the elite, who had turned over in a significant number to have a first hand experience of this marvellous display. 

The sensual, intelligent and gloriously seductive creations by this brilliant artist will be hanging on the walls of the Al Hamra Art Gallery for the sheer pleasure of artists and art lovers alike till March 16. —Correspondent

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