Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lahore Spring Festival 2010


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last shot of the day

After having spent hours and hours in Nawaz Sharif Park
my nephews Areeb (right) and Sanaan still insisted upon
another but the last shot of the day.  Refusal is impossible.

RAVI - A river of sand now

Children playing in the dried up river Ravi that  now
looks like a river of sand because of India's water
blocking policy in violation of UN's charters and suicidal
criminal negligence of every Pakistani government.

Foggy Sunrise at Jillani Park

It is very difficult, in winter foggy mornings, to capture
every moment of change from twilight to sunrise.  With 
every passing moment a new scene emerges on the
horizon lively with flying birds over the park's lake.

Jillani Park Enveloped in Winter Fog

Jillani Park looks amazing beautiful in winter and
particularly in my most favourable foggy weather.

Not in the Mood!

Kids have their own ways of expressing moods.
This is the gesture of declining breakfast of not choice.

Another Day of Life

Life begins with another sunny cool morning at Jillani Park.

Sunrising over Jillani Park

Hypnotizing and tranquilizing beauty of a winter morning.

Just for Composition

I was done with photography of the day and had
already turned off my camera when these bright
leaves made me abruptly stop and I couldn't resist
the temptation of taking a couple of more snaps.

Smoking Woman

An old woman street beggar lighting up a donated
cigarettes, caught unaware in Samanabad, Lahore.


Once my working place (behind Bhai Bhai Bookshop)
and tagged with unforgettable moments, companions,
experiences, revelations, discoveries, spiritual voyages.


Captured in a fraction of a moment.

Amazing Window-Light

The light coming through window-pane, a little
before sunset created amazing effect behind the
curtains and glowing on the wall of my bedroom.

Amazing Cloud Formation

As I posted on Facebook on 1st October, it cost me
 45 minutes of motor-biking, running, walking, stumbling,
positioning to take this shot while I was in Township
Market, Lahore for some shopping. (A little adjustment)

Amazing Sunset

Another masterpiece creation of departing Monsoon.
The slow moving dark cloud caught my attention and
I had to chase it for one of my most favourite shots
 just in time to capture this mesmerizing sunset.

Beautiful Clouds

The departing monsoon is still offering amazing 
and beautiful formations of clouds as captured 
in this photo taken from roof-top before sunrise. 

Street Kids - No Tension - No Regrets

Kids enjoying study-free Sunday morning offered
innocent smiling faces for a quick candid shot in
Ichhra Shopping Centre, Lahore.


A report says more than 40 percent Pakistanis are
already victims of depression and hyper-tension.
I assume that, beside other factors like unemployment,
social injustice and terrorism, the onslaught of
info-bombardment through these drone-banners is
also a major cause of severe disturbance.


I don't know whether the clinic owner desired this or
the painter was in an obsessive state of creative mind.
The message board, held by a girl, reads "Boys'
circumcisions without pains!"  Funny concept for kids.

Cave Restaurant

The architect has truly created a self-explanatory
facade of this beautiful architecture in Faisal Town, Lahore

Angle of Vision does count!

One of the best examples of the impact made
by changing angle of vision.

Intriguing Shadow

No Photoshopping trick used here.

Light and Shadows

The excitement created by light and shadows
demonstrate incredible effects. 

Light and Shadows

An angle of vision changes the whole perspective
of things while light and shadows play amazing tricks.

Watering does matter much

I never knew that watering seedlings in a nursery
may require two persons in this manner.


Mother nature thrills us with thousands of contrasting concepts.

Light and Shadows

Light and Shadows cannot be separated
but they play tricks with our vision separately.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great Aesthetic Sense?

These bikes, tyres and rims are certainly enhancing 

the grace of the beautified back wall of a private school 

in Samanabad, Lahore. Aren't they?

Homeless Roadside Creatures?

Awaiting to be adopted by some kids!
(Faisal Town Roundabout)