Monday, November 1, 2010

Moment of Joy!

Two views from the bridge.
Whenever I happen to go out to certain areas for outdoor candid photography, I cannot resist the urge of looking for some underprivileged children.  I love and try my level best to make them smile and laugh for a couple of snaps.

Yesterday, I accompanied a friend to the outskirts of my city Lahore on the other side of the river Ravi and noticing water in the river we decided to spend some time there, on our return, and shoot.
People enjoying boating taking full advantage of Sunday.

Lahorites or anybody coming to Lahore rarely see water in Ravi due to India's blocking water in an obdurate violation of international treaty.

They look like planning something but God knows what.
During the click click of my camera's shutter, my eyes were looking for children and then I caught sight of them.  I went to them and asked to pose with a broad smile.  
The boys readily posed with a broad smile.
Most of them did so except a shy girl who was trying hard to withhold her smile.  
Here she is, in the centre.
I won't go into details about what I did and speak to bring a forced smile to her face.  But the moment she smiled was one of the most joyous moments of my life.  She acted, smiled and laughed.  She really made my day.

Ice not melting yet.

She is letting out a controlled smile.
The remaining photos are self-explanatory.

Mimicking her favourite film actress. 
Now opening up.
Here she goes, fully unabashed.
The most rejoicing moment of the day.

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