Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Perfect Solace

This is the best place that saves me from crumbling to
temporary phases of stress and reinvigorates me to return to the
 battleground of life with a new fervor and strength.

I love to spend time in this park mostly alone 
and sometimes with some friends.

Till this date I'm the only one who is seen here before 
or after midnights even in the chilly, cold and foggy nights, 
and that too all alone, to the shocking
surprise of the the patrolling police.

Most of my 25 Haikus, so far, have occurred to 
me during walk in this park.

I have conceived a number of core ideas for writing 
television screenplays, though completed none due to 
inexplicable reasons one of which is my inconsistency. 

Yet, I'm positively sure that I'll accomplish some of
my writing goals here, sooner or later, alone or 
in partnership with someone having congenial interests and tastes. 

A writer partner is all that I have been looking for since 2009.

Only God knows where my writing partner resides! 

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